Lunos Silvento ec

Lunos Silvento ec

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Quiet, efficient exhaust system – the new generation of fans

LUNOS has a new generation of the Silvento model: the Silvento ec. This model requires less energy, since power input has been considerably reduced as a result of ec engineering. It is quieter than its predecessor, since it operates far more efficiently and can be operated with lower volume flows. The lowest ventilation level is about 15 m³/h.


Quiet – low sound level

All Silvento ec fans are one of the quietest fans in the world – a minimal operating volume which is barely audible because the sound power level amounts to only: 22 dB(A) at 15 m³/h (basic ventilation) and 35 dB(A) at 60 m³/h (regulated ventilation).

High efficiency

The newly developed, highly efficient ec motor stands out for its extremely low power consumption. For the airflow levels, power consumption is only: 1.8 to 6.2 W at 15 - 60 m³/h flow volume - maximum pressure difference 400 Pa.

Innovative control boards

You can select between two different technical modules to control your Silvento ec:

Basic module has seven ventilation stages between 15 to 60 m3/h. They can additionally be combined with delay time, interval switching, and a time lag.

Comfort module: In addition to the functions of the basic module, this component is also equipped with humidity and temperature sensors. There has never been a more sophisticated, individual humidity control. It can adjust the exhaust airflow level even better and more exactly to the conditions in the indoor environment.

Slim design-line

Compact, plain and elegant fans. The inflow of air continues to be located on the rear side, so that no deposit of dirt are visible.


Silvento ec is of course 100% compatible with all LUNOS parts. This ensures that all devices can, if required, be swiftly and easily replaced with new devices.


Ec technology makes it eco-friendly, the Silvento ec prevents rising energy costs, reduces power consumption - energy efficient and provides low sound level.

Technical data

Silvento Type Basic Board 5/EC-ZI Comfort Board 5/EC-FK
Airflow Level [m³/h] 0/15/20/30/40/45/50/60 0-60
Power Consumption [W]³  1,8-6,2 1,8-6.2
Noise Pressure Level [dB(A)]³ 22-35 22-35
Delay Time [min.] OFF/15/30 OFF/15/30
Interval [min.] per [h] OFF/15 per 2/30 per 4 OFF/15 per 2/30 per 4
Wireless Sensor optional optional
Motion Sensor optional optional
Humidity Control Level [%r.h.]   45-75
Energy Efficiency Class - -

System Includes:

Lunos Silvento 5/EC-FK (Comfort Board)

  • 1 LUNOS Silvento Ventilator insert ec-V
  • 1 LUNOS Silvento Comfort board
  • 1 LUNOS Silvento Housing (Flush or Surface Mounted)
  • 1 LUNOS FK Switch

Lunos Silvento 5/EC-ZI (Basic Board)

  • 1 LUNOS Silvento Ventilator insert ec-V
  • 1 LUNOS Silvento Base board
  • 1 LUNOS Silvento Housing ( Flush or Surface Mounted)
  • 1 LUNOS Switch

There is an option to add a housing also – this can be a concealed housing or a wall/ceiling mounted.