Passive House Retrofit, Kildare

Ambitious upgrade and extension project in Co. Kildare, Ireland. An 18th century farmhouse was transformed it into an modern family home - all while embracing a healthy and fabric-first approach to retrofit combined with LUNOS heat recovery ventilation system provided by PARTEL. A solution that enables low energy ventilation without running ductwork.

Final calculated efficiency relative to the house: 85.22% (according to DiBT) / 73.22% (according to the Passive House Institute). Overall volume flow: 195 m3/hr. Specific power consumption of heat recovery units: 0.10 W/m3/hr.


Lansdowne Place, Dublin

This project is one of the biggest residential development in Ireland that meets the highest standards of quality. Partel airtight systems have been used extensively throughout the Lansdowne Place construction. Suitable for all insulation types, the smart vapour control membrane VARA PLUS and CONIZO tape ensures optimal protection against humidity, improves the energy efficiency of the buildings and the comfort of their occupants.

Passive House, Galway

Residential project in West of Ireland - the house is completely wrapped using Partel EXOPERM™ MONO 150 on the external side of the building structure to prevent mould and structural damage.

On the internal side, the experienced team used Partel IZOPERM™ PLUS, a performance vapour control layer allowing potentially any moisture trapped in the structure to escape.