Lunos RA 15-60 with Controller

Lunos RA 15-60 with Controller

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Exhaust air system or hybrid ventilation system

The Lunos RA 15 – 60 is a versatile product

The new development from the LUNOS company for exhaust air rooms such as the bathroom, WC, and the kitchen becomes part of the growing 160 family. This involves an exhaust air unit with an EC motor which can also be combined with the LUNOtherm facade element.


  • Lowest noise levels. Silent with a high-pressure build-up

Radial fans are well known for the exhaust air series from LUNOS. However, for the first time, a radial system has now been installed in a 160 tube. This links the benefits of both design forms: the silent and pressure-consistent operation of the radial fan combined with the installation dimensions of the tube fan. In addition, aerodynamically optimized fan blades combined with polyhedron noise absorbers ensure the RA 15-60 emits very low noise levels and also has ideal noise protection from the outside.

  • Best Efficiency for the environment

With a converted power consumption rate of only 0.04-0-12 W/ m3/h, the RA 15-60 is outstanding in terms of energy efficiency and makes an active contribution to environmental protection, and also saves you money.

  • RoHS and WEEE compliant

  • EeEV and DIN 1946-6 compliant

  • Can be used in low-energy buildings


The fans Lunos RA 15-60 are predestined for hybrid ventilation in which ventilation with heat recovery combines with exhaust air technology in a cost and energy-efficient manner.

State of the art Motor Technology

The new radial EC motor combined with the end housing provides the RA 15-60 series with an outstanding pressure curve. The flow rate can be set to three or four steps depending on the control program (15, 20, 45, and 60 m3/h).

Technical data

Airflow level 15/30/45/60 m³/h
Power consumption 0.6/1.3/3.5/7.2 W, free blowing
Motor type ec motor for connection to 12 V control
Supply voltage 12 V DC SELV
Sound power level 19.5/31.5/36.0/40.5 dB, free blowing
Standard sound level difference up to 46 dB
Fan insert (including sound insulation) Ø 153 mm
Minimum wall thickness (reduced noise protection) 170 mm
Core hole drilling Ø 162 mm
Size of the standard inner screen Ø 180 x 35 mm
Outer grille Ø 180 mm, LUNOtherm, or outer hood
Protection class IP20

System includes:

  • 1 LUNOS Radial exhaust air unit
  • 1 LUNOS Standard inner screen white
  • 1 LUNOS Wall-tubes for the series 160
  • 1 LUNOS Outer grille, white
  • 1 LUNOS Smart Comfort control
  • 1 LUNOS Transformers