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Airtight Sealing Grommet For Multi-cables x6 

KABSEAL PRO 6 is a versatile airtight sealing grommet designed for multi-cable penetrations. This high-performance grommet is suitable for both internal and external use, providing a reliable sealing solution for up to six cables or conduits. It is age-resistant and capable of withstanding moist environments, making it ideal for quickly and permanently sealing openings in building covers.  
KABSEAL PRO 6 provides superior adhesion and a strain-relief function. Crafted from permanently flexible rubber that is suited for a wide range of temperatures and both indoor and outdoor applications. This makes it the perfect solution for sealing cables, pipes, and ventilation cross-sections within the building envelope. 

Why Kabseal PRO 6

  • Passive House Certified airtight system – phA Class 
  • Manufactured from permanently flexible rubber suitable for a wide temperature range 
  • Strain-relieving function for added durability 
  • Extremely flexible conical grommet compensates for structural movement 
  • Excellent adhesion with damp climate resistance for long-lasting performance 
  • Precise and permanent sealing of penetrations 
  • Highly tear-resistant for added strength 
  • Strong acrylic adhesive with excellent ageing resistance 
  • Split release liner for efficient and effortless installation 
  • Solvent-free component for eco-friendly applications 

Technical Data

Adhesive sleeve Adhesive Acrylic water resistant
Temperature resistance –30° C (14° F) to +100° C (212° F)
UV resistance Very good—up to 6 months
Colour White
Conical grommet Colour Grey
Processing temperature   +5 °C (+41° F) to +30 °C (+86° F)


If pipes or cables penetrate the airtightness layer, they must be securely sealed. KABSEAL PRO 6 is ideal for permanent airtight sealing of multi-cable penetrations. 

Suitable for: 

  • Internal and external use 
  • Variety of Partel products, including vapor control layers and breathable membranes 
  • Sealing of up to six penetrations, cables, or empty conduits through the airtight layer 
  • Airtight sealing in accordance with Part L & DIN 4108-7 
  • Airtight and thermal-bridge-free electrical installations in compliance with DIN 18015-5 


  1. KABSEAL PRO 6 4-11
    Diameter: 6 x 4-11 mm
    Adhesive sleeve: 230 x 230 mm
  2. KABSEAL PRO 6 16-25
    Diameter: 6 x 16-25 mm
    Adhesive sleeve: 320 x 320 mm