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Flexible Air Sealing Of Cavity Wall Sockets, Up to 3 

The innovative ELECTRISEAL is BOX, a flexible and efficient air sealing solution for cavity wall sockets, capable of accommodating up to 3 sockets. Designed for internal use, this revolutionary product ensures accurate and permanent airtight electrical connections while providing excellent tension relief and resistance to damp climates. It offers a reliable and secure solution for maintaining airtightness in various construction projects, ensuring long-lasting performance and energy efficiency. 


  • Suitable for single, double, and triple cavity wall socket combinations 
  • Permanent airtight electrical connections according to Part L & DIN 4108-7 
  • Airtight and thermal-bridge-free electrical installation in accordance with DIN 18015-5 
  • Meets the required level of tension relief 
  • Strong age-resistant acrylic adhesive, that withstands a damp climate 
  • Ease of application – split release liner for quick installation 
  • Halogen-free, ensuring safe and eco-friendly usage 

Technical Data

Adhesive sleeve Adhesive Acrylic water resistant
Temperature range –30° C (14° F) to +100° C (212° F)
UV resistance Very good
Colour White
Installation box Colour White
Processing temperature   +5 °C to +40 °C


ELECTRISEAL BOX is perfect for creating airtight electrical installations in various settings. It is an excellent option for facilitating the airtight installation of cavity wall sockets in buildings where there is no service void between the airtightness layer and the interior finish.  

Suitable for: 

  • Internal use 
  • Partel vapour control layers 
  • Other vapour control layers and OSB 
  • Cables up to Ø 22 m 
  • Onsite or offsite construction 
  • New residential and commercial buildings 
  • Retrofit and renovation projects 


  1. ELECTRISEAL BOX 350-320
    Diameter: 2x4-22 mm
    Adhesive sleeve: 350x320 mm
  2. ELECTRISEAL BOX 450-320
    Diameter: 2x4-22 mm
    Adhesive sleeve: 450x320 mm