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Circular Airtight Downlight Cover

Why Partel Airtight Downlight Cover?

Typically 25% of household energy wastage is lost through air leakage.

Downlights are the source of a high proportion of air leakage in the home, each down-light can typically pass 20 cubic meters of conditioned air from the house into the attic space per hour at 50pa pressure and this air and energy are lost.

The Partel Airtight Downlight Cover is an innovative one-stop solution for achieving a safe, easy-to-install sealing system for down-lights. 

Our downlight covers have been developed to maximise energy savings and to reduce the amount of heat lost through the installation of downlights in ceilings by creating an air-tight seal around the lamp. Installing downlights can reduce the effectiveness of loft insulation by up to 30% so when trying to meet building regulations, or make a building as thermally efficient as possible, downlights can make all the difference.

  • Reduce the risk of condensation
  • Reduce draughts
  • Improve air quality in living areas by reducing the airflow
  • Works in tandem with heat recovery systems (controlled airflow)
  • Can be fitted quickly and easily by anyone
  • Can help reduce noise entering and escaping through downlights
  • Compliant with the latest building regulations
  • Manufactured from recyclable flame-retardant material
  • Reduces fire risk from household storage items


    • Base: 190x190mm
      Height: 145mm


    • Our Airtight Downlight Covers are extremely easy to install and do not need to be installed by an insulation professional. Simply clear the area around the downlight after turning off the power. Making sure to clean the surface of dust and debris. After this affix, the downlight covers into place with the wires of the light fitting neatly through the gaps in the downlight cover. If preferred, water-based adhesive or airtight tapes to fix the downlight cover to the base. Loft insulation is then fitted over Partel Downlight Covers.
    • Partel downlight covers were developed to be fitted over downlights which are situated in ceilings to lofts and attics
    • Partel downlight covers also allows you to fit more insulation which means reduced heat loss