”Barn House” features Partel supplied Air and windtight systems.

”Barn House” features Partel supplied Air and windtight systems.

New Zealand born Galway based Architect Lester Naughton delivered this unusual and beautifully designed ‘barrel roof” passive level dwelling in a coastal location in Galway. You could be forgiven for initially thinking the design is unsympathetic to the area but the design closely reflects the typical barn or shed common to the area. This type of roof also reduces the building height by up to 1.5m. The building is a split level with coastal views.

The building appears uncomplicated but achieving such clean lines, finishes and the hidden low energy precision requires a builder with an impressive skillset. Greentec Eco homes were selected and again delivered to the usual high standards.

A comment from Lenni Antonelli at passivehouseplus.ie sums up Lester Naughton and Niall Dolan of Greentec.

I ask Naughton if hitting the passive house airtightness target of 0.6 air changes per hour was straightforward. “With this guy,” he says, pointing to builder Niall Dolan, “yeah, it was.” Dolan in turn praises the quality and detail of Naughton’s design drawings.

We’d like to think the tapes and membranes from Partel helped then along the way ! In this project Niall and Lester used Partels 10 year warranty monolithic exterior membranes and intelligent internally. This essentially applies the market leading 10 year system warranty of to the high performance timberframe.