Announcing The "Building Performance Interactive" Miniseries

Announcing The "Building Performance Interactive" Miniseries

Passive House Accelerator is launching Building Performance Interactive, an 8-part monthly virtual miniseries, on October 28 at 2 pm BST (9 am ET).

About Building Performance Interactive

The program was developed as part of a collaboration with the Accelerator and Hugh Whiriskey of Partel, who saw a need for more interactive programming to share lessons learned and best practices from the explosion of Passive House projects happening close to our original markets. “It started with a strong determination to support the transformation of the low-carbon building sector towards nZEB and Passive House through a new perspective, based on a collaborative approach,” Whiriskey said.

Format of BPI - virtual miniseries

Building Performance Interactive (BPI) - Design it. Shape it. Build it.  will be virtual and free to attend, focused on inclusivity, collaboration, and the elevation of high-performance building as its guiding principles. Episodes will provide a platform for audiences in continental Europe, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to learn about Passive House design principles, nZEB (nearly zero energy building) techniques, and other high-performance building methodologies that can help ensure compliance with the increasingly rigorous standards and policy goals of governments throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Each episode will be 60 minutes comprising of live learning sessions featuring informative video and technical presentations, case studies, roundtable, and opportunities for Q&A discussion. 


Hugh Whiriskey, Founder and Technical Director of Partel will serve as co-host of the series, along with Mike Jacob and Ben Adam-Smith. Jacob is a Reading-based chartered construction manager and co-founder of KISS House, a custom-built home provider. Adam-Smith is a self-builder, a well-known producer of podcasts and videos on construction and Passive House design.

Though the case studies will draw from projects in the UK, Ireland, and Europe, the discussion about building performance, design solutions, sustainable building materials, and lessons learned will be universal and applicable to a global scale. 

Tradespeople, contractors, engineers, architects, consultants, and self-builders from around the world will be able to tune in and learn about low-energy buildings live from industry experts.

Episode 1 - Launch on October 28

The first episode, "Train-to-nZEB - Centres of Excellence for High-Performance Buildings", will focus on the importance of developing hands-on construction training to better educate the trades about high-performance building. To illustrate this point, we will visit the Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Centres to speak with Passive House leader Tomas O’Leary. Tomas will provide a tour of the centres and talk about his experience as an educator, as well as how crucial practical training programs on retrofits, airtightness, and ventilation have been in creating a stronger workforce and construction industry in Ireland and internationally.


Future episodes will focus on:

  • Episode 2: MMC - Offsite TF Construction from Start to Finish | November 18

  • Episode 3: Waterproof breathable fabrics in low carbon EnerPHits at scale | December 9

  • Episode 4: Super Insulated Airtight PH Homes – TF Construction | January 27

“The new series is more than theory. It’s about the open sharing of knowledge and experiences in an interactive way based on video content and practicalities. It will showcase how great companies are working together to achieve passive building design and standards through best practices, sustainable solutions and manufacturing processes,” Whiriskey said. “There's a need for shaping the construction industry to a bigger scale, and together with the Accelerator we have the ability to empower the low-carbon building industry.’’