ALMA THERM – Partel launches a 100% recycled panel  for structural insulation

ALMA THERM – Partel launches a 100% recycled panel for structural insulation

Partel currently presents their innovation at the NAPHN conference & expo, in New York, at the end of June.

ALMA THERM is a hi-performance panel for structural insulation, the NEW sustainable alternative that meets the highest technical and ecological standard for reducing thermal bridges.

It conforms to construction material class B2 and is noted for its high compressive strength, excellent mechanical strength, as well as efficient thermal break and lightweight composite structure. ALMA TEHRM is therefore also compatible with a large number of adhesive and sealing systems.

Thanks to its very low thermal conductivity, ALMA THERM is suitable for thermal separation, for use in a window or door profile in commercial and residential projects to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Moreover, the water absorption of the material of less than 2% is extremely low.

Next to the material’s outstanding mechanical properties, ALMA THERM also makes a contribution to sustainability. At the end of its life cycle, the high-performance material on the basis of PET can be easily recycled again.
The new panel meets all the conditions required to be installed in low-energy building projects.

ALMA THERM can be processed in two different density classes (115 kg/m3 and 180 kg/m3) and can be supplied in two standard dimensions 1218 x 1005 x 50 mm and 1218 x 1005 x 75 mm. Bespoke sizes upon request.

Please find more information about Alma Therm here.