Certified CONEXO MULTISEAL: Tested as Strongest Adhesive tape, Reliable for Making Your Building Envelope Airtight!

Certified CONEXO MULTISEAL: Tested as Strongest Adhesive tape, Reliable for Making Your Building Envelope Airtight!

Adhesive tapes have always been and will continue to be a crucial component in securing the air and windtight connections in building envelopes. For energy-efficient, performance construction in particular, selecting the right tape makes a significant difference in, durability, reduced energy consumption, and indoor air quality (IAQ).

A set of performance tests were carried out to assess the superior performance of Partel CONEXO MULTISEAL under the AAMA and AATCC standards and several ASTM test standards to provide designers and builders with quality assurance.

Below standards were chosen to determine the suitability of CONEXO MULTISEAL to identify characteristics such as tensile strength testing, adhesion testing, water resistance testing, cold temperature testing and accelerated aging for sheathing, window flashing, and roof membrane applications.

All tests and evaluations were conducted in accordance with the written procedures specified in the referenced standards.

Summary of Test

• Water Penetration Testing

Water penetration is an important property to determine when the tape may be exposed to water. Following a successful test, Partel's CONEXO MULTISEAL meets the performance criteria for water penetration resistance, providing outstanding capabilities for sealing windows, doors, skylights and curtain walls. CONEXO MULTISEAL has proven to maintain its integrity in most rigorous conditions due to the innovative performance-based acrylic adhesive.

• Water Vapor Transmission Testing

Water vapor transmission is another important attribute to be determined when tape is to be used to seal against humidity. The test evaluates the water vapor transfer through semi-permeable and permeable samples. To examine the vapour barrier properties of CONEXO MULTISEAL, the tape was tested in both low and high humidity environments. From the test results it can be noticed that the tape showed an exceptional WVTR for sheathing applications and that it is excellent for sealing vapor barrier joints and overlaps and in both environments.

• Water Vapor Penetration Rate Testing

CONEXO MULTISEAL meets the requirements for withstanding a damp climate when tested in accordance with ASTM D3816, the actual values determined in the test were so small that they are to be considered a negligible yield what could be considered zero penetration under the ASTM test method. CONEXO MULTISEAL provides a completely watertight sealing.

• Water Resistance Using Hydrostatic Pressure

AATCC 127-2017 standard tests the ability of the tape to withstand continuous wetness and standing water. Test results showed CONEXO MULTISEAL has an extremely high resistance to failure when subjected to a water load and is therefore ideal for use as a roof membrane.

• Nail Sealing Performance

CONEXO MULTISEAL was tested for nail sealing performance. The results indicate good performance of the tape for window installation and flashing applications.

• Thickness

CONEXO MULTISEAL was found to be significantly thinner than the ASTM D1970 minimum thickness of 1 mm.

• Maximum load and elongation at break per ASTM D2523/2523M

The purpose of this test was for determining the relative strength of the tape in the size in which it is purchased or used. Another purpose is to identify or characterize a particular backing material.

Results show that the elongation in both directions was significantly greater than the minimum. During the elongation test, the backing did not actually split. The CONEXO MULTISEAL was designed with a unique backing that is highly flexible without breaking. This has provided the material with unique properties such as flexibility and durability, which should enable it to bind well to difficult surfaces.

• Adhesion to plywood per modified D903 by ASTM D1970

CONEXO MULTISEAL was formulated using an extremely aggressive adhesive process to ensure long-lasting adhesion to a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for use in the building and construction industry. It’s adhesion to plywood values well surpassed ASTM D1970 specifications.

• Thermal stability

The CONEXO MULTISEAL system was created with extreme durability in mind, both in terms of the backing and the adhesive. Due to its durability in the film carrier and high shear resistance of the adhesive, there was no shrinkage in any dimension of the product during the test, and no adhesive flowed out of the samples after heat exposure, making it a good product for the building and construction industry.

• Flexibility at -29°C

Samples of CONEXO MULTISEAL and the 25 mm mandrel were conditioned to -29°C. There was no evidence of leakage at any joints or beneath the assembly, indicating that it is an ideal tape for sealing lap joints, especially in climate zones with high rainfall and humidity.

• Tear resistance per ASTM D4073/D4073M

CONEXO MULTISEAL adhesive tape outperformed the necessary tear resistance force of 89 N in both directions, making it highly tear resistant, which is advantageous for both handling during installation and long-term use in the application.

• Capability to seal around nail ASTM D7349/7349M

The Partel adhesive tape complies with this standard as no water was seen in the catch basin, the nail shanks, and the underlayment during the test.

• Waterproof integrity of side lap seam

CONEXO MULTISEAL is the ideal tape for sealing lap joints. This is beneficial in the building and construction sector, especially in climate zones with high rainfall and humidity.

The ASTM D1970 test results demonstrate that CONEXO MULTISEAL is an exceptional solution for high-quality building applications. From the above test results, it is proven that the tape exhibits excellent all-around bonding properties and a high adhesive strength, offering a long-lasting adhesion to a variety of surfaces in severe temperature and weather conditions without degradation. Partel CONEXO MULTISEAL has the required technical properties to provide major benefits to both designers and builders of today's energy-efficient building systems.

We at Partel encourage and promote the use of sustainable, high-performance building components at each stage of construction.

View complete Test Report here and to learn more about CONEXO MULTISEAL, view the product page. 

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